Digital Health

how healthy is your website?

In a world where more people are connected and less of them are trusted, it becomes paramount that your business’s digital presence is authentic, trustable and seen. 

In addition, we live in an age where people scan instead of read which means your digital brand identity must also be agile and accelerated.

In other words, your website and associated channels need to perform at their peak in terms of loading speed and content engagement.

A lot of companies ignore the fundamental connection that lies between digital health and digital advertising resulting in a missed opportunity. 

At lotus group, our unique approach is both holistic and strategic, ensuring our clients gain competitive advantage on both fronts, through effective optimisation of their digital presence.

organic SEO matters.

SEO Management

SEO Management

Our strategic process of optimising and managing your overall SEO strategy.

Website Audit & Analysis

Website Audit & Analysis

Thorough examination of all the factors that determine your website's visibility in Google (and other search engines) as well as insights on the performance of your site as a whole.

Website Health Plan

Website Health Plan

After conducting your website audit & analysis, our expert team will develop your customised health plan to help improve your digital health.

Marketing is about empathy

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Hear it from our clients

Our collaboration with lotus group entailed the mammoth project of developing Nexotech’s brand and digital identity on all fronts. The team successfully project managed the entire process, from brand development, website design/development to content creation.

Their expertise, creativity and can-do attitude has ensured the successful delivery of all elements, which means we have re-engaged them for marketing strategy and other services and look forward to working with them in the future as our marketing partner.

Highly recommend, especially for SME’s who are looking for custom-built and cost-effective service.
Ehsan Amiri
Managing Director, Nexotech Group

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