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With the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), constantly changing, as well as the confusion around different types of SEO; it is crucial for SME businesses to decipher through the confusion to make strategic and impactful decisions.

Not to mention the lack of clarity around what factors truly impact quality scores and ranking. 

At lotus group, our subject matter experts take the integrated approach to SEO where we recognise that paid SEO (i.e. ads) and organic SEO are intertwined and should be considered holistically when making digital ad spend decisions. 

As a trusted advisor to our clients, we discuss their digital presence objectives inline with their desired ROI, ensuring our solutions are custom-built, agile and cost-effective.

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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

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Digital Health

All the steps you can take to increase your organic SEO.
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Our collaboration with lotus group entailed the mammoth project of developing Nexotech’s brand and digital identity on all fronts. The team successfully project managed the entire process, from brand development, website design/development to content creation.

Their expertise, creativity and can-do attitude has ensured the successful delivery of all elements, which means we have re-engaged them for marketing strategy and other services and look forward to working with them in the future as our marketing partner.

Highly recommend, especially for SME’s who are looking for custom-built and cost-effective service.
Ehsan Amiri
Managing Director, Nexotech Group

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